Innovation Strategy

It is not a well-known fact but ROI in investment intensive industries (e.g., those supported by substantial technology bases, such as Banking and Telecoms) is measurably lower than elsewhere.

Certainly in Banking, the beneficiaries of investments in automation over many years have not been the banks and financial services organisations through increased industry profitability, but rather their customers who have seen either improvement in service with little impact on what they pay for that service, or substantially reduced pricing (or even free service).

Inevitable, this leads to massive erosion of margins and so profitability. Without a strategic understanding of the drivers of the investment-efficiency-competition cycle many organisations simply destroy themselves by rapid cycling in 'me-too' attempts at technology-based cost cutting.

Innovation is one of the key decelerators of the margin erosion cycle. The successful organisations are those that innovate to increase their strategic differentiation and build strong competitive advantage whilst riding on the benefits of the new technologies.

Sixhills has a broad range of experience in this area and can help you to build effective Innovation strategies.