Business Planning & Due Diligence

At the core of any good technology-based business is a well-founded strategic business model, centred itself on the guiding principle which drives long-term thinking of business direction and against which success can be measured.

Derived from that are key elements that make up the business model: ranging from the "softer" customer focused areas like branding and PR, to the "harder" technology, intellectual property (IP) and operational components. Financial discipline and a clear view on market entry, and exit, are also essential parts of the mix.

We find that Business Planning and Due Diligence are very much different sides of the same coin.

In Business Planning we help clients (both startups and well-established corporations) design and test their business models and construct the business architecture appropriate to their needs. Also we support the investment decision making and funding processes with rigorous supporting research and analysis and instilling the necessary financial disciplines, for example, through development of the underlying financial models

When performing Due Diligence for investors, we review the target company performance and capabilities against the framework of the relevant strategic business model and also our significant industry experience and expertise. Combining this with primary and secondary research we evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and so assess the potential risks in any investment