Articles & Whitepapers

We are pleased to present here previously unpublished articles from an occasional series covering current topics of interest

"Prioritising Technology Investments"
Andy Gueritz, September 2003
"Payment Opportunities From B2B E-commerce"
Sandy McGuffog, April 2001
"Does the evolution of Financial Exchanges point the way for B2B"
Andy Gueritz, March 2001
"B2B Derivatives"
Shoomon Perry, March 2001
"Understanding the benefits of e-Procurement"
Andy Gueritz, January 2001
"Contract Procurement and the Role of Advocacy"
Ed Chen, September 2000
The Lifecycle of B2B Portals - Second Generation
Mario Caputi, September 2000
"B2B Banks"
Oliver Slesar, June 2000
"B2B Hubs"
Sandy McGuffog, June 2000
"B2B Marketplaces - Establishing the Right Stuff"
Oliver Slesar, June 2000
"XML Explained"
Michael Broberg & Lalith Reddy, June 2000
"Seizing the Money-Making Opportunities"
Oliver Slesar, March 2000