Welcome to Sixhills

Sixhills helps clients to develop and improve the management and application of technology within their businesses: bridging the Business/Technology divide by deploying eclectic, hybridised commercial & technology skills and experience:
  • Strategy & Investment Decision Support. Developing business aligned IT strategy and holistic business architectures (people, process, technology) to support business objectives; business planning, financial analysis; investigation of options in support of business technology investment decisions; IT/Commercial due diligence and market/competitive analysis on M&A targets;
  • Customer Data Analysis & Revenue Enhancement. Application of technology (e.g., Analytics, Business Intelligence, data warehousing) to provide customer insights to support growth and development of markets and enhance business revenues
  • Business Agility & Transformation. Transformation of IT and business organisations to enable them to be more innovative and responsive to the market; to improve productivity of service and systems development; also leading/supporting transformation programmes
  • Performance Improvement & Cost Management. Helping clients use their technology to support the business more efficiently, and manage/reduce technology costs

Today, more than ever, clients want value for money from their consulting partners and advisors. We are pleased to offer effective thought leadership and an independent external view, combined with our top quality consulting ethic and delivered with our low overhead operating model to give real value: working together with our clients to make a real difference. We are visionary, yet pragmatic and have a results focused orientation to action, dedicating our efforts to bring a tangible improvement to any situation.